Have a memory set in clay. Commission a scratchboard today!

Scratchboards are an ideal medium for creating a unique, highly detailed and personal portrait. To create your custom portrait I use a photo (or photos) of the subject. For tips on how to get an ideal reference photo for the portrait click here. Portraits take 5-7 weeks, so make sure to plan ahead if you need it by a deadline. Christmas is a busy time, so if you are interested in commissioning a portrait for around then add some extra time for the piece to be finished. If the piece needs to be rushed (under 5 weeks notice) then additional fees may apply.


Estimated prices for commissions:

5×7 = $150-250 B&W; $170+ colored

8×10 = $300-400 B&W; $350+ colored

11×14= $500-600 B&W; $550+ colored

16×20= $800-1000 B&W; $850+ colored

Prices vary depending on several factors:

  • Board size

  • Subject matter and difficulty

  • Number of subjects

  • Color vs. black and white

  • Estimated time for completion (a piece can take anywhere between 15-50 hours to complete)

Additional fees may be added if the reference photo is poor, and needs altering.

These are the sizes that I keep in stock, but many other sized boards are available that I can order if you would like a different size than offered above.

Picking a Size: 

Obviously price comes into account when deciding on the portrait size. Why pay more if you can have the same portrait, but smaller. However, that isn’t exactly the case when it comes to scratchboard.

The size of a board determines the amount of detail I can fit into a portrait. So, the larger the board, the clearer the picture and smoother the texture. This is especially important when dealing with portraits of people, where skin should appear smooth. Another important factor are the number of subejcts in the portrait. The more subjects, the smaller each must be.

A commissioned portrait of a person must be a minimum of 10×8. If there are 3 or more people in the portrait, the board must be at least 11×14.

If there are two pets in a portrait the piece must be at least 10×8.

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