Scratchboard is subtracting from darkness and knowing when to stop. It is knowing when one more line will be one too many. It is looking at a field of gray and seeing the subtle differences in hues. Every line, dot and slash has its place. When you can look at black and see every color combined, what can be and what already is, you are ready to begin.

A scratchboard is an uncommon, but wonderful medium to work with. Its style lends itself well for portraits with incredible detail and personality. A scratchboard consists of 3 layers. The bottom layer is either paper or a hard board. On top of this is a layer of white porcelain clay, which is revealed in processing. The final top layer is thin black ink. Using various tools and techniques Kendall meticulously scratch away at this top layer, revealing the white underneath.

While there are various different types of scratchboards available, Kendall uses Ampersand scratchboards.

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